Game promoting mental health inclusion

App-based chatbox game
Challenge: My task was to substantively edit character dialogue and story flow while working with the Dev team to ensure logic and story continuity. A major challenge was ensuring instructional copy fit on screens, and future-proofing space concerns after language translation.

Solution: I used a thorough game-play approach to identify logic and continuity concerns, and used plain language editing to reduce unnecessary copy, while keeping the game’s language friendly and simple to understand, with ample room left to accommodate additional text introduced after any future language translations.

Result: App delivered to client on time with successful national-wide launch.

Vaccine education initiative

360 animation VR experience
Challenge: My task was to develop the story and write the script for this experience. The project’s goal is to curb vaccine hesitancy amongst new and soon-to-be parents by delivering an immersive vaccine awareness experience that increases vaccine motivation and confidence.

Solution: Used extensively researched vaccine awareness tactics from scientific journals to guide strategy. Knowing that delivering the facts is not enough, I developed a culturally relevant story plan that told an immersive, empathy-first experience guided by communication research and 360 VR storytelling tactics.

Result: Currently in production. Updates to come!

Ophthalmology-focused patient stories

Audio-based touch screens at conference
Challenge: This project’s aim was to educate ophthalmologists about lesser known burdens and co-morbidities of various eye diseases. As head writer of these patient stories, I was tasked with creating 6 original fictional patients who each told their story through engagement with various touch points on their portraits. The main challenge was crafting captivating, emotional stories that resonated with conference attendees.

Solution: I used an empathy-driven approach, researching disease awareness material, and patient blogs and articles. To create persuasive stories that retained the listener, I focused on not only the symptoms and limitations patients face, but also their inner feelings and fears related to their diseases that they usually keep hidden from their physicians.

Result: The initial feedback from the client was “I really like these stories, they’re so compelling!” The booth was well-attended and talked about often at conference.