I'm a multi-platform health writer and editor specializing in strategic editing and clear communication. I often work on patient and physician education tools in a variety of formats (apps, websites, animations, AR & VR experiences). My work often helps to bridge the gap in communication between patients and health care providers.

Health literacy is at the heart of all my work, and I believe that empathy-focused writing that foregrounds patient experience is the best way to promote empowered health decisions. 

I often use a “different realities” approach to writing projects, which challenges the assumption that we are all operating from the same foundation of understanding. Often, patients and physicians have very different perceptions of the same situation and being conscious of these varied starting points is integral to creating effective teaching tools.

Informed by the plain language movement, my work often focuses on distilling complex information into easy-to-digest formats designed for comprehension and retention. My writing methods often use psychology-backed approaches such as eLearning principles, practical examples, and simple but powerful metaphors, and always begin with in-depth user and patient research.

As a part-time caregiver for a loved one with dementia, I have a particular interest in using respectful and effective strategies when communicating with people who have cognitive disorders that impair perception and understanding.

Some projects I've worked on at Invivo Communications have won group awards like a 2018 Telly Award and a 2018 Digital Health Award, but I'm most proud of my editorial involvement in a diversity-based mental health online game that encourages managers to understand and include those with mental health difficulties in the workforce.

I’m a graduate of Centennial College’s Book and Magazine Publishing program, have a B.A. in Anthropology and Visual Studies from the University of Toronto and have recently completed an Introduction to Project Management course through George Brown College. I'm a lifelong learner and am currently completing a certificate in Psychology through Ryerson University.